Wednesday, February 20, 2013


See the 936hz pineal gland vids out there? that frequency has NOTHING to do with the pineal gland.
it redirects your focus to the voicebox (upper part of the throat chakra) one of the more positive frequencies..

115,4hz (actualy 115,35) Redirects your attention/energies towards the Pineal Gland...
The most concentrated and thus unstabilizing fire energy.
To stabilize it, you need a crapload of water(love) or earth(grounding)
(115,4 is right between the pineal and thalamus, changed to "only one or the other" in the newer version and download links)

Through this frequency you decalcify the pineal gland by simply activating it, shattering the hardened calcium, if that's what its kept inside...
as opposed to meditating properly to the navel area; which allows for more calcium to be absorbed into and stay within your system, causing the calcium around the pineal gland(etz) to soften, allowing for its activity.
Calcification(hardening) means to high phosphor(stiff) to calcium(hard yet soft/maleable) ratio.
Top of the root (242-240hz) allows for more phosphor accumulation, and causes the crowns exit to be the pineal gland; tho making it more difficult to draw energies through ones system because it stiffens you aswell.

Download link. Rightklick and save file as..
Pineal gland.

The Gold set

The spectrum (updated it immensely 2012/11/27; two years in the making):

lightweight frequency player:

Crown chakra (read your own aura):

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