Saturday, August 31, 2013


i have been looking for a context to post some of the lovely and inspiring photo memes onto this site so that you may gain something from them as i have and they have been sitting in my computer gathering dust and my mental gears try to nut out a solution, a.k.a a virtual photo album that i could have on this site that performs a similar function to the facebook one i use for mikiverse spirit.

Well tonight, i just thought, why not publish and be damned, spread the love with genuine intent, and then, allow everything else to sort itself out. So this is what i am doing.

This first picture/meme is of the archetypal 'wild woman', who of course is somewhat of a taboo figure in our community (yes, that is even allowing for feminism and everything that has been gained over the last 100 years) whereby freedom to be your true self is absolutely conditional on you adhering to certain principles.

For me, this wild woman archetype reminds me of my favourite short story in Clara Pinkerton-Estes' wonderful book 'Women who run with the Wolves' which is the story of the skeleton lady. Anyway, i hope this new idea of mine strikes a chord with you, or someone out there in that beautiful world that we get to share.

More importantly, or, just as importantly, i hope that this picture/meme strikes a chord with you, as the calendar turns winter into spring, i'd love to read some of your thoughts in the thread below.  

Hari Om

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