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Posted By lailah on January 24, 2010
Do you have an easy time communicating with others and expressing your emotions?

Do you speak up when you have something to say?

An imbalanced throat chakra means you’re not expressing what’s going on inside your heart. I don’t mean to start on an honesty quest and tell every single person you know just what you think of him or her! Instead, express yourself in a healthy way. If someone hurts you, let your voice be heard.

Expression also includes creativity. Sing, write, or perform. All of these are healthy expressions of the throat chakra.
Body Parts Ruled By the Throat Chakra

Accordingly, the throat and neck is ruled by this chakra as well as the thyroid. When I hold my emotions in, almost immediately my throat gets sore. This also happens when I’m stressed then I realize that I wasn’t speaking up for myself.
Balancing the Throat Chakra

Chanting and mantra meditations release throat problems. The natural sound the completely relaxed chakra makes is “AAAH”. Take a deep breath and chant this sound for as long as possible. Begin chanting loudly then continue softly until the sound is only in the mind.
Release Past Hurts
Remove blocks from the throat by tracing back feelings of past hurts that you may not have expressed. Write those emotions down on paper, then symbolically burn them away.

Camel Pose
Camel Pose
The camel pose in yoga is great for balancing the throat chakra by encouraging good blood suplpy to the neck and keeping the energy moving.

Sit on your heels on top of a blanket or mat. Clasp your hands behind you.

Inhale. With the exhale, allow your head to drop back and at the same time raise your arms a little behind you.

When you’re ready to release, let go of your hands and on the out breath bring yourself back to sitting posture.

Repeat this three times.
Goddess Athena

She can help you bring balance to your throat chakra. I create specially designed goddess kits for better results when connecting with the goddess of your choice. Check out goddess athena’s kit.

Colors, Stones, Scents
The throat chakra is represented by the color blue. Perfect stones to use are any blue ones like Aquamarine, Lapis, or Blue Opal. Place the stone of your choice on your throat and imagine yourself absorbing the healing energies of the stone.

Frankincense is the scent of this chakra. I like to wear essential oils for whatever chakra I’m bringing balance to. I recommend frankincense natural essential oil and dab a few drops on your throat.

There you have it! Tools you need to balance your throat chakra!

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