Friday, October 5, 2012


Rain Queen Mother is a Namwign Bea – or a Bosom Mba – this translates into English as a Child of a Nature Deity. She is one of a few practicing Lunar Shaman Rain Queen Mothers from West Africa, who works all over the World healing the Earth and people. According to the Elder Diviners of her people, she has been sent to this Earth as a child of the Deities of her Great, Great, Great Grandmother. She works with the Mythic Shrine powers of the Rain, the Mountain, the River, the Sea, the great Earth Spirit – Pachamama-Tembalo and of course with the Great Spirit Medicines of the Amazon and Equatorial Rainforests of Africa.
Through her Teaching Retreats, Divinations, Lectures and One-on-One or Small Group Ceremonial Audiences, Rain Queen Mother is able to help shift the negative forces in Nature and reconnect people – whether they are African, European, Asian, Aboriginal or Native American – to the Maternal Universal Love Energy via the Ancestral and Shamanic Healing Force of the Divine Feminine – the Great Spirit of Mother Earth and the Great Spirit of Mother Moon.
In order to do this people have to want to start to heal their relationship with Mother Nature, the Earth and their Ancestors. People have to want to re-learn from all Indigenous Shamans about how to treat Nature as if she has a living and breathing Shamanic and Divine Healing Force. In all Indigenous Shamanic traditions the key to reconnecting with the Earth and your Ancestors is to make offerings and atonements for historical and current wrong doings that the Earth Spirit does not like; to honour your ancestors and to undergo some kind of initiation in order to re-discover what you came to the Earth to Learn, to Heal, to Pray for and to Work for. We all come to this Earth to Learn, Heal, Pray and Work. The great plant medicines of Le Bois Sacre Iboga and La Madre Ayahuasca both teach that this planet is a Work Station or a mill; a Church with lots of sacred sites and Shrines in Nature, a School where Plant Spirits and Nature Deities are the real teachers (and not humans teaching each other with books) and a hospital that contains all kinds of healing plants that can cure us of our illnesses.
We are grateful to the Office of Rain Queen Mother for granting us permission to reproduce this text.

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